Are you planning to travel through the Wine Roads discovering the origins of Brunello? Or are your dreaming of walking through the ancient wine cellars of Montepulciano? From Antica Villa degli Ulivi everything is possible. Having always lived in Cortona, Massimiliano and Beatrice can direct you to the best sites of the area, so that you can have only the most beautiful and authentic experiences.

Wine Tours

Discover the Origins.

Let yourselves be guided by expert sommeliers of the world of wine. They can help you organise visits to world famous wineries or the most humble family run wineries which make great wine and unique experience. Or they can organise a wine tasting right in your villa. Anything is possible with Wine!


The Villa

We love make you feel at home.

Cooking Class

Eat better, live better.

Living Tuscany without paying the right attention to your food and wine would be like living your experience halfheartedly. For this reason we have selected for you some of the best restaurants and chefs in the area who can create great meals for you and give you amazing cooking classes, so you can recreate the experiences at home.



The Essence of Tuscany
The possibilities do not end there. If you are looking for other services, Children Activities, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting, Horse Riding, please, do not hesitate to contact us. We will find the right person for you!